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Review Sterren KnufKnuffels

KnufKnuffels since 2014 a household name in the Dutch toy market!

Welcome to the Review page of KnufKnuffels, we are active since 2014 through various sales channels and have received many reviews over the years from many satisfied people and of course sometimes a dissatisfied person. Fortunately, the dissatisfied people to date practically on one hand to count. We always try to achieve the maximum possible by fast correct shipping and excellent after-sales service!

However, we do not believe in all those vague quality marks. The most famous ones who do spend money on company parties and entire shop stages or European quality marks that just for membership 1500 per year ask, and from experience we know: they control absolutely nothing! Except their bank account, that's why we decided not to carry a hallmark, we let you be our customer's hallmark, because if more than 2000 people recommend us, it says more than a hallmark that only exists to fill its own pockets! We always solve problems in a reasonable way, that's why Knuf Knuffels is the right place for the best children's stuff at a fair price!

Where can you find our current reviews?

1) On our Dutch account at Bol.com you can find more than 1200+!
2) On our Belgian account at Bol.com you can also find 150+! 
3) At The Feedback Company there are still 400+, but we don't collect actively anymore.
4) We sell our returns through our Marketplace Dents Corner, more than 300+ reviews!
5) We collect actively via Google, check here for our current Google reviews!


Want to give us a review?

Anyone can do that with us! You don't have to be a customer for that, but also someone who, for example, has actually received the gift or item. Through the link below anyone can give us a review! The best part is if you also add a picture of what you have bought! 

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