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Spacebabies - Baby Bed Blocks

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Spacebabies - Baby Bed Blocks

Your little one can also sleep well when he or she is ill, thanks to the Spacebabies Bed Blocks! If your baby has a cold, a clogged nose or earache, it is often difficult to get a good night's sleep. In that case, you place the Bed Blocks at the head end under the legs of the bed, so that the bed is tilted.
The Spacebabies Bed Blocks are also ideal if your little one spits a lot or suffers from reflux! The more slanted your little one is, the less trouble with a blocked nose, respiratory problems, heartburn or rising stomach contents. Welcome, good night's sleep!

From now on it is no longer necessary to place books or other objects - with the risk of tipping over - under the bed, or to fill the headboard with towels. 


Spacebabies Bed Blocks
Set of 6 pieces
Diameter Bed Blocks; 7.5 cm
Easy to stack
Fits under most beds with legs up to 7 cm in diameter.
Place up to 3 Bed Blocks under each leg at the head end of the bed.
Raises the bed to a maximum of 10 cm
Colour: Pastel or Black